About Us

Our Approach

The goal with this website and blog, is to teach you how to knit.  Whether this is the first craft that you would like to learn or you are a crocheter and want to learn how to knit, here is a a very laid back approach to learning the craft of making loops with knitting needles.

My Story

As an avid sewer and crocheter, knitting always seemed to difficult for me to be bothered with.  My and cousins tried desperately to teach me this beautiful craft.

Because I was such a seasoned crocheter, holding knitting needles and yarn the traditional way was impossible for me.  Then I came across a technique called “Speed Knitting” after a few hours, I was on my way and haven’t looked back since.

This place is about growing in the craft of Knitting together.  My passion is creating and designing pieces that come from patterns that are easy to follow and produce something that is not only meaningful, but that you can be proud of.

Meet Janet

I have sewn and crocheted since I was 8 years old.  My Mother and Grandmothers were all women who enjoyed sewing, crocheting, knitting and tatting.  Each lady had a passion for one or two of each skill.  I was blessed to be shown all, however I am most passionate about crocheting and now knitting.

I hope that my patterns help you create something that will either bring you and others joy or both.