Why Knitting Patterns For Beginners?

Welcome to Knitting Patterns For Beginners.  Thank you so much for stopping by.

My goal is simple, I want you to knit with me!  I would love to build KPFB to be the go to resource for beginning knitters.  Here’s a little bit about me and how this all got started.

I have been crocheting and sewing since I was nine years old.  My Grandmothers and Mother we very strong and important influences in my life.  Being surrounded by creative women taught me so many things.  I would say the most important of them was that handmade is the ultimate demonstration of Love.

Crocheting always came easily to me, knitting, not so much.  My mother Barb (my etsy shop is barbsdaughterdesigns) was a very gifted lady.  She could sew, crochet and knit.  She was an expert in all three crafts.  Her Mother Irma, taught her to sew and crochet.  Irma was not only an amazing seamstress, but she tatted beautifully.  Lucille, my other Grandmother loved to sew and crochet.  She was extremely talented and again very adept at her crafts.  She could make something beautiful out of anything.  If she were alive today, I would call her the Re-Purposing Queen!  I sell my finished wedding accessories on my website named after these two beautiful ladies, Lucille and Irma.   It is my sincerest hope that I honor these three women by carrying on these crafts.

For some reason, knitting always frustrated me.  Recently I sat down with a new determination to learn how because I really like designing patterns.  I so wanted to add knitting to my conquests!

Then, something magical happened!!!!!    I stumbled upon a video on of all things Speed Knitting.  Yes, this guy made so much sense.  See I was so used to holding the crochet hook with my right hand and the yarn with my left that knitting seemed almost impossible.  Plus, I hate wrapping yarn around my pinky or any other finger for tension.    I initially would put the non-working needle between my knees, clamp them together and knit so that I could use my left hand for the yarn…not only was this awkward, I couldn’t imagine making videos demonstrating this way of knitting…

Of course, I had heard of Continental Knitting, but every demonstration that I had seen still included the wrapping of the yarn around the pinky or between the ring and middle fingers.  This guy just grabbed the yarn and took off.  My kind of style!!!

I do not like complicated things, they not only create stress, but they often result in failure.  As I grow my pattern and resource library, I hope that you will be inspired to knit.  Especially if you think you can’t, you’re and avid crocheter, or if you’ve tried before and couldn’t get the hang of it.  I promise that my easy knitting patterns will not only be fun, but will help you to create meaningful things for yourself and loved ones.

Happy Knitting!

Janet B

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